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The Age Of Wear-resisting Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Is Coming
Jun 21, 2017

2015 China galvanized steel Wire Rope production has reached 1.87 million tons, the production scale of the world's first, the buyer's market has been fully formed, the user to buy galvanized steel wire rope has enough choice space. It is noteworthy that galvanized steel wire rope users choose the concept of rope in a quiet change, from the previous focus on sales price, gradually to pay more attention to product quality, service life changes.

The average price of galvanized steel wire rope exported to China in 2015 is $5565/ton, even if its retail prices have reached more than 3 times times the domestic galvanized steel wire rope, there are still customers willing to pay a high price for the use, can be seen some of the domestic users of high-quality rope strong demand.

Galvanized Steel wire Rope is an indispensable part of lifting machinery, with all kinds of hoisting machinery to the high speed, lift, high load direction of development, galvanized steel wire rope fatigue performance requirements more and more high. In order to avoid property loss caused by the sudden rupture of galvanized steel wire rope, the manganese phosphating galvanized steel wire rope with strong resistance to fretting wear and fretting fatigue is favored and welcomed by customers because of its high quality and long life.

Fretting fatigue and wear are the main reasons for the failure of galvanized steel wire rope

Galvanized Steel wire Rope is an important wire product which is often used in hoisting machinery and other transmission parts. Wear, fatigue and corrosion are the main reasons for the gradual failure of galvanized steel wire ropes during the use. The reasons for the failure of galvanized steel wire rope are different because of different environment and different types of galvanized steel rope. The appearance features of the failure galvanized steel wire rope include the oxidation of the steel wire surface, the brown-red rust, the decrease of the diameter due to the external abrasion, and the fracture of the steel wire inside the galvanized steel wire rope due to fretting wear and fretting fatigue. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of galvanized steel wire rope, it is necessary to analyze the reasons for the failure of galvanized steel wire rope, and to find an effective method to restrain fretting wear and fretting fatigue.

Most varieties of galvanized steel wire rope is made of high-quality carbon steel wire, fiber core and grease, some varieties galvanized steel wire rope is made from stainless steel wire twist. The rope steel wire is made of high quality carbon structural steel hot rolled wire rod as raw material, it should be cold drawn to the specified diameter when making, and must achieve certain physical performance requirement at the same time. In accordance with the above-mentioned process production of wire rope for the smooth steel wire, wire rope after cold pull no longer do any surface treatment is directly used to twist the strand or steel core is the smooth galvanized steel wire rope.

Galvanized steel wire Rope wear includes external surface wear and internal steel wire surface wear. The external surface abrasion is caused by friction with the pulley groove, and the abrasion of the inner steel wire surface is generated by the relative fretting between the neighboring steel wires during the use.

Galvanized steel wire Rope in the failure process, due to the serious wear damage caused by fretting wear on the surface of steel wire and strand, the fatigue fracture of steel wire is also proved, and the relationship between fretting fatigue crack initiation, fracture and expansion is the result of fretting wear on the surface of galvanized steel wire ropes. The joint action of fretting and alternating stress will accelerate the initiation and expansion of fatigue crack, and shorten the service life of galvanized steel wire rope, so fretting fatigue is the main reason for the final failure of galvanized steel wire rope.

Because the surface of the material has a certain degree of roughness and waviness, so when the contact surface relative sliding, the material deformation, adhesion and relative movement will tear the adhesive point when the material transfer and loss caused by wear and tear. It is because of the steel wire inside the sliding phenomenon to make the rope has such characteristics, so galvanized steel wire rope in the use of the process, the fretting between the wire is inevitable.

The Pure Manganese phosphating film is a powerful measure to solve the wear problem

For galvanized steel wire rope products, in order to prolong the service life of galvanized steel wire rope, it can only take technical measures to prevent the wear caused by fretting in the condition that the fretting between steel wires can not be eliminated.

Friction is the cause of fretting damage, so reducing friction coefficient between steel wires or making steel wire surface more wearable can slow down and restrain the occurrence of fretting damage. The concrete measures include: reducing friction factor by applying lubricating grease, improving wear resistance of steel wire surface, achieving physical segregation through coating, increasing the contact area between steel wires to reduce wear rate, slowing down fatigue crack initiation and expansion rate, preventing corrosion, etc.

For steel wire products, the most common surface treatment method is phosphating treatment. It has a low cost, good lubrication effect, easy to use the characteristics of steel wire surface treatment has a long history, technology more mature. At the same time, the phosphating film also has good electrical insulation properties, can hinder the formation of micro-cells on the surface of steel wire, reduce the possibility of corrosion on the surface of steel wire, is the preferred steel wire surface wear-resistant treatment process. Among them, the metal phosphating can be divided into iron phosphating, zinc phosphating, manganese phosphating, zinc-calcium phosphating, zinc-manganese phosphating and amorphous iron phosphating 6 categories.

For the rope-making enterprise, the demand of the production line can meet the requirements of the mass production of the steel wire. Wear-resistant phosphating technology has been very mature and low-cost, phosphating coating galvanized steel wire rope compared with the structure of the smooth galvanized steel wire rope, the increase in the production cost of about $number, and the use of zinc phosphide galvanized steel wire rope to prolong the benefit of the increase in the cost compared to a lot more. Excellent fatigue resistance can help companies win the market and get rich returns on profits. The phosphating galvanized steel wire Rope is not only the ideal substitute for the smooth galvanized steel wire rope, but also has the ability to replace the imported galvanized steel wire rope.